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Donald Trump
45th President of the United States of America

The psychological analysis and personality profile that follows will extend in every respect from material appearing in The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy, published in 2004, and Biometric Definitions of Personality, published in 2016. Each feature will be linked to its specific reference in these textbooks.

It is our belief that a more comprehensive account of Donald Trump's personality profile would be permitted were we to access prints of his hands. These are presently unavailable. Dermatoglyphic features describe the nature and quality of information absorbed, processed and ultimately given expression in both analytic and abstract dimensions.

A man larger than life. An indomitable spirit defining an impossible journey.


Donald Trump's hands have been described by many as being particularly small - in stark contrast to his general size. The implications of the overall size of a person's hands when contrasting between large and small is a powerful determinant of personality.
Imagine a photograph of a landscape when the negative can be enlarged to cover a large wall, or reduced to the size of a small postage stamp. It's the very same landscape in both instances but in each the perception of the viewer is quite different. When studying the wall sized photo the viewer would note and bring together the sky, the clouds, the trees, the birds, the cottage, and a family enjoying a picnic not far from a small stream. The picture is visualized in its details and pieced together. When seen at the postage stamp size the entire landscape is caught at once, in an instant, with minimum attention at this time to specific details. This is why infants have tiny hands. They are geared to learning as much as possible in the shortest possible time. So they grasp "packages" of information in an instant. The grasp of details comes later.
Small hands in an adult identify one who would absorb huge packages of information (when, in lieu of an inherent impatience with details) and then evaluate that information with finely honed intuitive faculties. Same is true with infants. These are the visionaries, the people who would prepare a five year plan, as it were, no matter whether in government or business, and trust others to manage the details. Nevertheless, and only if sufficiently important, details would not be ignored and would become fixed in the spotlight of their attentions. (From "Applied Handreading" 1983 - page 30. My first PDC textbook).


A. When the middle finger has good weight, balance, symmetry and length, with the nail phalange extending well above the fingers to its sides, we identify a Schizoid Temperament Syndrome (page 202). There we speak of a gravitation to personal evolution where the striving for significance is its central feature. This striving for significance invests these people, somewhat later in their lives, with the feeling that they must leave something behind them - something meaningful - so that at the end of their days their lives aren't buried along with their bodies. A psychologist would speak of these people as having to contend with their existentialist difficulties.

B. Here we find an ideal merger between the Thenar and Lower Transverse lines (page 115). This affords an accurate knowledge and evaluation of the nature of the real world - the physical, material and social dimension external to the individual, and the true promise of their possibilities. Judgements and initiatives are rarely careless. Where the lines continue linked together for some length the individual would tend to be overly restrained and cautious when committing himselof or herself to initiatives (page 133). When detached, initiatives may be carried too easily by not always realistic idealizations (page 133).

C. Here we find the thumb extending upward but at some distance from the radial, or near side, of the palm. Sometimes we find the insertion of the extended thumb almost in a line with the side of the palm - even from within the Thenar Eminence (The Committed Will Factor, page 299), but in the instance of Donald Trump this feature identifies a manifest willfullness, a sense of personal autonomy, good motor coordination and a marked loyalty to his true mind (text and photos at page 97).

A difficulty I personally have with the development of the thumb is that it is deficient in length. Exceptional length is generally the mark of exceptional people who gravitate to the highest levels of leadership and authority in their respective fields of interest. As well, it delivers a strong measure of the inherent sophistication of their personalities. Here I find myself at somewhat of a loss, as in the eyes of friend or foe Donald Trump is without doubt the quintessential exceptional human being. What I do find, however, that greatly compensates for this deficiency in length, and what, in fact, lends itself to everything that indeed makes him exceptional, is the singular angular development of the thumb's nail phalange - discussed at photo #3.

D. This feature is explained at length at photo #3.

E. This area of the palm - the lower quarter of the ulnar and proximal areas of the palm - is the seat of the core identity dimension in personality. The core identity is largely an inherited quantity and is there at birth (page 32 with references throughout the text). It sensitizes the neonate and infant to every experience that relates to their well-being and moves them to respond in kind. Thus the infant would smile happily in the warmth of the mother's attentions, and cry when disturbed. As such it is a very deep-seated and fundamental program sensitizing the infant (and later the adult) to his, or her, very survival.

In the instance we see here the two arrows point to lines which directly tap the temper of the core identity and delivers it from its seat deep in the subconscious dimension of the psyche to the area of conscious awareness. This gives Donald Trump a marvelous capacity for abstract conceptualizations permitting him to intuitively expand the possibilities of the information available to him. This is not anything one can learn at school or buy for money.

F. What is relevant for us here is the length of the little finger. When held flush against the side of the hand, as seen in several other photographs, the tip, or nail phalange of the little finger will extend above the line between the top and middle phalanges of the ring finger. This affords the bearer attributes that lend themselves to a talent for expression - whether in writing or public speaking. The good length is also indicative of a sense of order and exacerbates a sensitivity to any loss of control over one's life. (From "Applied Handreading" 1983 - page 123).


Sometimes we speak of this extreme angular setting of the tip phalange of the thumb as the Marzipan Thumb gifted with marvelous flash memory attributes, as it were (page 303). These are the most versatile people on the planet. They don't need maps to accompany directions or instructions. They can adapt to any situation with amazing ease, and swiftly pick up and become adept at new high-level skills - however divorced from anything previously experienced. Almost to a man, they are oriented to the taking of initiatives being wholly and totally committed to those initiatives.

The marzipan factor has its problematic side, although nothing that we have seen manifest in the instance of Donald Trump. Being the sweetest of everything sweet, as it were, too much of it can lead to an aching belly. Because of the incredible ease with which these people learn and become adept at new skills, it happens with many who encounter seemingly impossible difficulties, to abandon the frustrations of their immediate challenges and switch (often too hastily) - knowing they can almost immediately succeed at other areas of endeavor.


At the time of this writing Donald Trump is still President Elect. But after uploading and presenting the information garnered from photos 1-3, I came upon this one which permits a better appreciating of Donald Trump's cognitive orientation, and what we may speak of as executive-function vitality (photo #36, page 39/2nd edition). The profound executive-function vitality is an expression of the very prominent tendons seen at the back of the hand. Furthermore, we can accept with some certainty that his fingers are thin (relative to the proportions of the palm) (page 82). This lends a strong intellectual and analytical discipline to his mental faculties. If we consider that this merges with all that we described earlier with regard to his remarkable intuitive facuties, long-distant perspectives and supreme mental calisthenics (the Marzipan thumb) we should expect that his decisions would be his true mind and set in concrete, as it were - well considered and such as he would be well prepared to defend.

Final Observations:

For all the generous attributes detailed and described, this is not the hand of one I would have thought to be destined to become president of the United States. The thumb lacked length. We cannot speak of his being defined by a marked personal sophistication. Nevertheless it does have a good measure of thickness which promises the capacity to persist and persevere. Yet as odd as it may seem, also absent were features identifying a profound compulsive quality to his powerful willfulness, such as would manifest as as driving need for wealth, status, influence and power. Certain stresses with the early father experience, as exposed in the mild shortness of the index finger, would lend themselves to seeking compensation of sorts in winning public awareness and positive recognition. But this is hardly a penny's worth considering the reality of Donald Trump's impressive achievements. Evidently there is information I am not accessing due, perhaps, to the limitations of these photos (and perhaps my own insufficiencies). All I would think by way of explanation is that wealth, status and influence were familiar quantities from his earliest years. It was nothing that demanded a sustained compulsive willfulness to achieve when his natural and inherited attributes matched to his singular mental prowess carried him well forward.

By way of contrast as far back as 2001 when Hillary Clinton was sworn in as a US senator, inasmuch as I wrote then of her dishonesty and warned what her capacity for unlawful behaviors might cost her, her hands had absolutely every attribute of one destined to strive for and win this highest office.

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