The Author with 3 of his Rose Creations


This is a relatively recent photo of myself.The reason for its inclusion with these pages is because of the numerous requests we've had over the years from visitors to our website who asked to see what I look like. I can't for the life of me imagine why unless it's to frighten off the pidgeons. Nevertheless I had had a postcard size photo of me prepared (a somewhat younger version of the chap you see here) and it would be sent off in reply to those requests.


In quite a different vein. For those of you who care for roses here are three varieties which I had created. I don't have much time to invest in rose hybridizing these days but it used to be the central ambition of my life. I would tell Ms. Stein, ("A rose is a rose is a rose.") that for some, a rose can be so much more - a guide to the richness of times past, the promise of a joyful future, and, even if you must look hard sometimes, the happiness to be found in the present.

Ramat-Gan RoseRamat-Gan Moriah roseMoriah The Jerusalem RoseJerusalem