Fritz Pang M.A.Hong Kong

The New Horizons Development Centre in Kowloon, Hong Kong introduced Psychodiagnostic
Chirology (PDC)
into its clinical and educational programs in 2007.

The founder and director of the New Horizons Development Centre is Mr. Fritz Pang, M.A. Mr. Pang has received sole
rights from the
The Holtzman Institute for Psychodiagnostic Chirology to represent PDC in Asia.

Mr. Fritz Pang, M.A.

Beginning in 2007 and continuing to this date, New Horizons Development Centre has initiated courses in PDC at two
levels - the introductory level and the advanced level. Certificates are issued to those successfully completing the courses at each level.
To date the instructors were Dr. Arnold Holtzman
and Ms. Anat Levy from Israel, and more recently Ms. Irene Tsang, a graduate
student from the advanced level course.

Since 2010, along with Ms. Irene Tsang, both Ms. Linda Tsang and Ms.Christine Tsu have undertaken responsibilities
as accredited PDC instructors at all levels of application.

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Above is a photo of the first graduating class at the advanced level of PDC. Seated is Dr. Arnold Holtzman. Behind him
from left to right are: Karry Cheng, Irene Tsang, Agnes Ho, Iris Hon, Linda Tsang, Joseph Chiu,
Christine Tse,
and Helena Yung. .

To the right are the participants of an advanced workshop for certified PDC analysists and 2nd level pupils.

January 18, 2008 marked the establishment of The Hong Kong Association for Psychodiagnostic Chirology at a festive
banquet sponsored by the New Horizons Development Centre
. Below are several photographs taken at that banquet.

Above, seated in the first row, left to right are: Mr. Fritz Peng, Ms. Irene Tzang, Dr. Arnold Holtzman, Professor Ng Hy,
Dr. Kurty Chu and Mrs. Vivian Peng.

To the righ: Presentation of PDC Certificate of Accredation to Ms. Irene Tzang, Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Association
for Psychodiagnostic Chirology.

PDC and The Art of Intelligent Mothering: Lecture and book signing for staff, administrators and supervisors at the Soka Gakkai Kindergarten Network, Hong Kong (2012)

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