The Keys are Alright. It's the Holes that don't fit!


Questions Your Therapist Will Never Get Right

1. Why is it so difficult for you to keep a promising relationship going?
See chapters: Primary Rejection and Promises Unfulfilled

2. Why can't you experience a sense of complete joy in intimate, sexual experiences - or any experience, for that matter.?
See chapters: A Capsule of Autism and Split Loyalties

3. Why do you always feel a sense of distance in personal and social affairs?
See chapter: The Hollow-I Syndrome

4. Why is it your feeling that you are living your life as a stranger to yourself?
See chapter: The False Self

5. Why are you always intellectualizing and rationalizing everything?
See chapter: Intellectualization and Rationalizations

6. Why do you always feel compelled to sacrifice yourself for a parent?
See chapter: The Committed Will Factor

7. Why are you unable to decide what to study or what career is right for you?
See chapter: The Focus-On-Me Mother Syndrome

8. Why is it you feel no strong identification with your career, however successful you are in it?
See chapter: Dead on Arrival

9. Why, despite all the sincere compliments you get you can't shake off a sense of low self-esteem?
See chapter: The Maternal Father

10. Why is it that everyone recognizes your superior intelligence but it never carried through to significant academic achievements or sustained direction in life?
See chapter: The Exploration-Deficit Syndrome

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