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Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea
and supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as North Korea.

The psychological analysis and personality profile that follows below will extend in every respect from material appearing in The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy, published in 2004, and Biometric Definitions of Personality, published in 2016

It is our belief that a more comprehensive account of Kim Jong-un's personality profile would be permitted were we to access additional photographs and even prints of the chairman's hands.

Serf unto King

Flawed Program of Will:

ur attention in this regard focuses on the morphology of the thumb. It is this appendage that exposes and delivers the measure of perhaps the most critical program in the psychical and physical makeup, or constitution, of every human being. We would speak of Will, or the System of Will when it is this very singular dimension that gives the surest measure of the ceiling of one's possibilities in almost all of life's endeavors. It reflects with marvelous accuracy on the level of one's intellectual sophistication, on the strength of one's gravitation to autonomy and independence, on motor coordination along with the capacity and direction of physical pursuits. It is hard to understand how this most critical program in the human psyche is wholly ignored in academic and professional literature in the behavioral sciences.

(Introduced on page 92 with references throughout the textbook.)

In the instance of Kim Jong-un we note the decidedly short thumb (Fig. 1a). This reflects on the rather impoverished level of his intellectual sophistication along with a history that somehow arrested his natural gravitation to true autonomy and independence. We see this as well where the thumb is inserted flush against the side of the palm. At the same time we note the relative thickness of the thumb, particularly the upper, or nail phalange, which powerfully promotes a capacity to be willful and the taking of initiatives.

When considered together we would have reason to suspect that the strong driving willfulness may be enlisted to mask the intellectual insufficiencies and the same insufficiency in his realization of true autonomy and independence.

Flawed Processing of Information:

The distance between the arrows is the distance shared by the Lower Transverse Line (the Line of Head) and the Thenar Line (the Line of Life) from their points of origin at the radial edge of the palm. Normally these lines are either separated slightly, or are attached at their points of origin. When they continue together for a short length we would expect a degree of hesitation and carefulness when decisions must be made. We may offer as an example a businessman who would study the small print in any contract before attaching his name to it. But when the lines carry together for so excessive a length, we have the same hesitation and carefulness translate as a thoroughly neurotic suspicious and distrustful nature.

(Clearly seen and described at Figure 240 in the first PDC textbook Applied Handreading, and as a variation of the above at: Inconsistent Proximal Transverse Crease (variable 1) in 2nd addendum of 3rd edition of the PDC textbook Biometric Definitions of Personality.)

We must keep in mind that the neurotic, and possibly pathologic, suspiciousness and distrust is locked onto a flawed program of will and an uncertain capacity for intellectual reasoning. The blunt willfulness may quickly becoma brutal in nature, particularly if he is given reason to suspect that his insufficiencies (as imagined existing in the minds of others) could undermine the security of his station.

Flawed Grasp of Real World Possibilities:

The arrow points to the Thenar Line
, or what some would prefer to call the Line of Life. This dermal feature defines the perimeter of the ball of the thumb, and we examine it for its consistency, continuity and length. In the instance we have here the thenar line appears shallow, and weakly defined. It would be the function of this line to give the general expression and temper of the Thenar Mount (the Mount of Venus). Its most critical function, however, would be to permit a fluid and efficient interaction between the individual's inherent libidinal needs and biological drives and their natural targets, namely the true possibilities available to the individual in his, or her, physical and social environment.

(See the Thenar Line, page 119 in all PDC textbooks)

If this line is weak (as it appears to be), erased in parts, broken or sliced, or as a string of islands, we would understand that the discipline of the ego enlisted to manage the energy system oriented to the external world would be uneven. In simpler terms we would understand that this person may be prone to serious errors of judgement in his, or her, interaction with the objects and possibilities in his or, her, involvement with other people. In the instance of Kim Jung-un the photo available to us may not offer as accurate a description of this line as we would like.

Flawed Security of Station:

ote the angular setting of the nail phalange on the medus, or middle, finger. Inasmuch as the angle may appear mild it is of enormous consequence and the focus of much attention in the 2nd and 3rd editions of the PDC textbook. There we define this development as "Split Loyalties" and underline the implications of serious failures in the parental responsibilities toward the infant.

(See Biometric Definitions of Personality, page 207.)

The experience of the infant in this regard is that it is prevented from experiencing itself as an integral, organic, extension of a secure and supportive environment. If the reader would imagine the feeling of this child sitting on the branch of a tall tree that is falling under his weight, what would this child be feeling knowing that in seconds he would be crushed on the rocks below? The answer, of course is unspeakable, paralyzing, panic, and it is precisely this feeling that Kim Jong-un carries as a heavy weight in his heart - inasmuch as the experience of parental failure originated in his pre-conscious development phases.

This feature would have us understand that he is without such references to himself as would permit him to feel secure with his well-being assured in however powerful the station he had inherited.

Limited Exposure of Subjective References to Self:

This feature exposes a largely defensive pattern of attitudes. The individual with a relatively long nail phalange of the ring finger will not be disposed to share anything relevant about his, or her, true feelings, intentions, or beliefs. It is often, although not always, a reflection of an early history where the individual was subject to endless criticism.

Given that we find a marked simplicity and deficits in his personality makeup, one lacking even a single vestige of intellectual sophistication, we would introduce Chairman Kim Jong-un as the proverbial Serf unto King. Because of these critical limitations we would conclude that his behaviors, whether as reactions or initiatives ... whether on a personal level or in the context of international relations, would be largely unpredictable and possibly dangerous. .


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