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Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

US Senator from the State of New York

Born Hillary Diane Rodham on October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois.
Married to the former president of the United States William (Bill) Clinton.
Holds a degree in law from Yale Law School.
Lost the nomination of the Democrats to run for the presidency to Barack Hussein Obama by the very slimmest of margins (2008).

(When you read the lines below keep in mind that they were written in 2001. Nothing here is prophetic. A PDC grasp of her personality tells us that her very determined aspirations to reach the highest office in the US administration was a natural expression of every facet of her personality.)

Hillary clinton een here taking the oath of office as the Democratic representative of the State of New York in the US Senate, Hillary Rodham Clinton may well have been participating in a dress rehearsal for her swearing in as the (next) president of the United States. The strength which is so perfectly manifest in virtually every feature we find in her hand is of an order which would have her identify, in the most natural way, with the highest office to which any American politician might aspire. More than merely aspiring to highest office, what would set Senator Clinton apart from most others who might be partner to the same ambitions, is that she has, inherent in her personality, all the physical, emotional, and intellectual attributes to have her realize each of her goals. An examination of her hand will show, furthermore, that her strengths extend no less from the severe emotional deficits she suffered as an infant and child as from the more positive features which are inherited quantities and extend largely from genetic configurations.

As much as America and a good deal of the rest of the world followed the mind boggling trials of her husband as his ribald affairs with women were being exposed in such cruel detail, so were their eyes focused on Hillary Clinton for some clue as to what might be overtaking her emotionally at this time. What they saw was a woman who never undermined her future interests... one who never lost sight of her ultimate goals and who would never risk violating the sensibilities of the support systems she would need to enlist in her future campaigns. These support systems would, fundamentally, be the masses of people who would instantly turn down their thumbs on a divorced woman however justified she may have been to have broken up their home. She could never permit herself to identify with any image tangential to the American icon of the loyal wife, perfect mother and devoted homemaker, let alone a woman who would be seen as having added her share to the moral damage already inflicted upon the highest office in the nation. No eyes, and certainly no camera, would ever catch her with bent head or sagging shoulders. She would surrender neither to despair nor to grief... neither to shame nor to rage. She remained strong, confident, supremely organized... and when the hour was appropriate, demonstratively supportive of her husband.

What is remarkable in all this is that Hillary Clinton's hand reveals a very deep and entirely genuine emotional sensitivity. It has a certain spontaneous and intuitive quality about it which is often characteristic of those whose emotions dictate their manner of thinking, and, ultimately, behavior. It is this specific area of her psyche where she would find herself weakest and most vulnerable. However, we also come upon other features, including one which will receive immediate mention, which, collectively, promote the defenses she would enlist to overtake her possible "fragility" in this regard.

The single most striking feature of Hillary Clinton's hands is that they reveal not a trace of anything our Western culture would appreciate as feminine. Inasmuch as her demeanor may suggest otherwise, it would be fair to say that her hands demonstrate a masculinity and definition of strength few men could equal.

These, however, are not the only surprises which await us. Below we offer enlargements of her raised hand. They offer marvelous insight into the psychical makeup of this remarkable individual. From this perspective it would seem entirely conceivable that Hillary Clinton, if she doesn't suffer yet another serious confrontation with the law, will one day reach the office of President of the United States of America.

Feature 1 - 1: The line connecting these points is the Upper Transverse Line, or, as popularly labeled, the Line of Heart. We cannot but be impressed by the deep curvature of this line which suggests a rich and refined emotional responsiveness to stimuli. Hillary Clinton would enjoy an intuitive understanding of what she hears and sees. At the same time she would be perfectly alert to how her own words and actions would fall upon the sensitivities and sensibilities of others.

Feature 2 - 2: The line connecting these points is the Lower Transverse Line, or, as popularly labeled, the Line of Head. The length, path and quality of this line define everything that constitutes virtually the ideal in the dimension of cognitive processes. Its clarity and thinness describes a very superior intelligence. In this context the efficiency with which she absorbs, processes and invests information with meaning and significance can hardly be improved upon. The arced path and its termination on the Hypothenar Eminence (the Mount of Moon, to many) points to her capacity to expand in very creative fashion the implications of whatever information she collects... this, without taking things out of context.

Feature 3: The middle phalange of the little finger shows a distinct thinness. A trained eye will find it significantly narrower than the nail and base phalanges. This points to a serious deficiency in early maternal attention where the infant Hillary was denied the experience of a true organic attachment to her mother. She carries with her, therefore, a very low ceiling of possibilities with all that regards "belonging". From infancy her world reality had been that two cannot ever be one... that two, however close the proximity of their lives, must remain two separate and intrinsically unattached people. Perhaps it had not been entirely political enterprise which had moved her early in her career to identify so consistently with social and educational programs for children.

The same feature will explain her powerful striving for controls. At a subconscious dimension she remains alert to her earliest reality... a period in her development when she had been wholly dependent upon others, yet had suffered her most difficult stress experiences. For Hillary Clinton it is absolutely critical that she have a perfect grip on the reins on everything that is important in her life. Dependencies are equated in her mind with insufficiency and a terrible vulnerability.

Feature 4: The tip phalange of the little finger is significant on two counts. Its mildly bulbous or spatulate shape points to a measure of obsessiveness with her inner evaluation of self-worth. This would once again have us focus on the low ceiling of possibilities with all that relates to "belonging". To a degree, this deficiency remains a source of stress and inner disquiet for Hillary Clinton despite the distance in years from her early childhood.

Far more critical is the length to which this phalange reaches against the ring finger. Note the yellow line which sets the top of the little finger above the line separating the middle and tip phalanges of the ring finger. The reader may turn to page 359 in the PDC textbook (Dishonesty). This theme would be very relevant in our present instance. The reader will find that the construction of the little finger as defined in that article is perfectly duplicated in the instance of Hillary Clinton.

Feature 5: Here too we find a mildly bulbous, or spatulate, construction. This suggests a certain drive for willful self assertiveness. More important, perhaps, is the mild angle of this tip phalange where it bends toward the middle finger. This subtle angular construction points to a history where the individual was forever subject to criticism. It would be fair to say that what dominated the communication between Hillary Clinton and her mother was the critical expectations and outright displeasure which the former was obliged to suffer from the latter. Hillary Clinton would be bearing the scars of those years to this day.

Figure 6: A close examination of the tip phalange of the medus, or middle, finger, shows it to be decidedly short in relation to the phalanges below it. Shortness here bespeaks an inhibition in intimacy/trust, and to a lesser extent, an inhibition in compliance/submission. This is to say that Hillary Clinton would powerfully inhibit any willingness on her part to contribute to the creation of a sense of intimacy and trust between herself and her partner. She might also be inclined to inhibit any readiness to accept, comply with, or submit to, the intervention in her life of persons who might be superior to her in station. When this shortness of the tip phalange is seen we would also understand that from the vantage point of the subject the original support system (read parents) completely failed in their emotional responsibilities to her.

Figure 7: The thickness, length and angular construction of the thumb (where it extends from the palm) offers us a picture of extraordinary willfulness, perseverance, singlemindedness, and, not surprising, a measure of stubbornness. It strongly supports and reinforces the intelligence of the subject as defined in Figure 1 -1. Almost as an inherited quantity, given this feature on its own, Hillary Clinton would have identified with a sense of omnipotence had not her early environment forced upon her the experience of impotence. This configuration would have us understand the conflict situation which overtakes Hillary Clinton's essential psychical circumstances.

Figure 8: This is the Hypothenar Eminence (Mount of Moon). One cannot but be impressed by its rich dimensions. It has both height and volume and creates a decidedly concave shape to the entire percussion edge of the palm. This is the center of emotional abstractions, libidinal energies and instinctual configurations which are all in the design of ones drive to be and to feel. Here is the core of ones sensitivity to the condition that is existence. Here too is everything which gives the definition to one's original and authentic nuclear self. Here is everything which generates creative expressions and defines the very personal and singular emotional significance in all experiences. This area of the palm is largely the seat of unconscious memories. The more generous the dimensions here the more is the individual drawn into the currents and undercurrents which overtake this inner world dimension. This a marvelous development in any hand and promises a true capacity for original thought and creative expression.

Figure 9: This is the Thenar Eminence (or Mounts of Venus and Mars). It is the area where the ball of the thumb is prominent and includes all that is encompassed by the Thenar Line (or, as some would have it, the Line of Life). This area gives the definition to what we may speak of as a person's Collective Social Identity which we may translate very roughly as the individual's capacity to project empathy, natural warmth, and a sense of belonging and attachment toward others. In the hand of Hillary Clinton the Thenar Eminence appears relatively flat and without the richness that we found at the Hypothenar Eminence. This would have us appreciate that her expressions of empathy, natural warmth, belonging and attachment would be restrained. We may think in terms of coolness in her true feelings toward others. We may explain this in the context of a defensive organization enlisted to permit the continued controls of a disciplined cerebral organization. Were she to give free licence to emotional dictates she risked losing a grip on the direction her life is destined to take.

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