Famous People

Imagine looking at the hands of a person who lived hundreds of years ago. For anyone knowledgeable in Psychodiagnostic Chirology that person would be as real and as vital today as he was then. We would "know" this person better than any history book could describe. Our ambition with this page is to preserve images of the hands of people who, for better or for for worse, play, or have played, significant roles in our own time. PDC can let these people come alive for those, yet to be born perhaps, who, otherwise, will never have known them.

If you are a student in the behavioral sciences, a clinician or academician this is for you.
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Barak Hussein Obama

44th president of the United States of America

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Valdimir Putin

President of Russia

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Donald trump

President of the United States of America

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Xi Jinping

President of The People's Republic of China

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Hillary Clinton

U.S.Senator from N.Y.

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King Jong-un

Chairman of the Democratic Republic of North Korea

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King Salman

Ruler of Saudi Arabia

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Mohammed bin Salman

Crown Prince Saudi Arabia

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan

President of Turkey

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Youngest member of US Congress and radical socialist

FINGERPRINTS and HANDPRINTS (contributed by Andres J. Washington)

The fingerprints are offered without reference to the subject's personality. Accompanying the handprints of Albert Einstein is a short description of their most significant features.

Malcolm X

Walt Disney

Richard Nixon

Albert Einstein (Hand Prints)

If you have access to a photograph, or photographs, which you feel are right for this page please drop a line to: famouspeople@pdc.co.il