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Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The 25th Prime Minister of Turkey. Chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The psychological analysis and personality profile that follows below will extend in every respect from material appearing in The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy (1st and 2nd editions). For students of PDC the relevant pages are noted in the text. Published in 2004 and again in 2013 this textbook has reached students and practitioners in the behavioral sciences in over 80 countries.

The Agressive Obsessive-Compulsive Personality

Holding his right hand in the four fingered Rabaa "salute" Prime Minister erdogan demonstrates his identification with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.
This hand sign refers to the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo, the site of a violent confrontation between Morsi's followers and the Egyptian army.

The Obsessive Factor: see text and illustrations from pages 153, 172 and 288

The little finger exposes an individual's earliest formative experiences. In effect it records experiences from birth, the most critical of which
originate at this time in what is spoken of as the pre-conscious develpment phases.

The Agressive Factor: see text and illustrations from pages 153, 172 and 288

The index finger offers what we speak of as the individual's Persona Profile - essentially the image of how he presents himself, and how he is
perceived to the world external to himself.

A PDC analysis would focus on the following features.

The Little Finger
1. the length of the finger:
2. the sharp waist, or narrowing of the base phalange (#2): page 153
3. the sharp angular bent of the distal, or nail phalange (#1): page 172
4. the bulbous (swelling) of the distal, or nail phalange (#1): page 288

The Index Finger
1. the angular bent of the nail phalange (#3): page 266
2. the narrowing or waist shape of the middle phalange: (#4) page 254
3. Its relative thickness: page 269

Other Features
1. The combination of prominent knuckles and narrowing bases of the proximal phalanges: page 315
2. The Hypothenar Eminence (Mount of Moon) dropping toward the wrist: page 42

he designation of an Aggressive Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Organization extends from the compound influences of very early
life emotional stresses. These include stressful mother-experiences, later corrosive stresses in the context of his father-experiences, and the
determined and very aggressive defenses that he had adopted in response to them. We shall presently explain each of the factors contributing
to Prime Minister Erdogan's sharply defined personality orgaization.

Where the length of the little finger is seen to reach and possibly extend above the crease line (where the top and middle phalanges of the ring
finger merge), we would expect a proclivity for speechmaking and writing. Erdogan would be a natural orator imbued with a power that his
aggressive mindset would promote.

The waist shape at the base phalange of this finger (#2) exposes what we speak of as a Negative Oral Fixation. With birth his experiences
were such that denied him security in bonding and the sense of physical well-being. As a result he cannot permit himself to be dependant on
anybody for anything and must strive for controls. He would be driven to have a secure grip on the reins of everything relating to his life.

An early history of Emotional Molestation is made apparent in the angular bent of the nail phalange (#1). This underlines childhood experiences
that imbued in him a corrosive identification with shame and guilt - something he would have felt as a stain that no amount of soap and water
could ever remove.

Also at this same nail phalange(#1) we come upon something of a swelling or bulbous development that describes its shape. The rule is that on
whichever digit this swelling or bulbous development appears, that person will demonstrate an unrelenting obsessive concern with the stresses
specific to the dimension in personality that that finger represents. With Prime Minister Erdogan the relevant dimension in this instance would be
the consolidation of all the early formative experiences that contributed to the program we define as the Formative Self.

In effect, what we then have here is the obsessive concern and subsequent responses to the deep scarring of early life issues. Unfortunately
there was further scarring later in the context of his father experiences, and it is here that we shall come upon his very determined aggressive
responsiveness to all the stresses he had suffered in his growing years.

The distal, or nail phalange, of the index finger contributes considerably to this PDC analysis (#3). We note both its angular development and its
swollen bulbous shape. The angular development adds the elements of anger and rage. This exposes a history wherein the individual's nervous
system and emotional fabric were quite overwhelmed, literally saturated to the n'th degree with harsh and often cruel judgements.
The thick
swelling here again introduces the obsessive factor that will have overtaken the mindset of this person in this regard.

At (#4) we come upon a program in personality we define as The Rejection-Agression Factor. Note the narrowing, or waist shape of the middle
phalange of the index finger immediately below the nail phalange. Textbooks can be devoted to describing the implications in personality of this
feature alone. Essentially it describes the young person's experience with a father who persisted in denying the recognition of anything inherently
of worth in the young person. No amount of effort in seeking such recognition would have delivered the meagrest reward. The response to this
circumstance frequently manifests as a readiness to demonstrate the courage to do what others would be fearful of doing, or going where others
would hesitate to go. Mordecai Vanunu and Edward Snowdon offer extreme instances of this response. As a rule, the responses would be more

Then there is the factor of thickness. The index finger is plainly the heaviest of the fingers and thickness is generally equated with strength.
Without doubt this strength would become powerfully manifest in all external social world affairs. We would expect a decidedly domineering
forcefulness in all his dealings with people.

Then we have a frequently seen program in personality. We would identify Intellectualizations and Rationalizations when we come upon
prominent knuckles over narrowing proximal (base) phalanges where the fingers merge with the palm. This lends a hard compulsive program
in a person's attitude and behavioral patterns. The central construct in this program is the striving for controls and the enlistment of cerebral
configurations and practical considerations when supposedly expressing feelings and emotional judgements.

Finally, we look at the lower part of the hypothenar eminence (Mount of Moon) where it plunges, as it were, into the wrist. The prominence of
this development exposes an acute sensitivity to feelings of vulnerability.

Altogether what we have tried to do was to bring together facets of Prime Minister Erdogan's history from his earliest formative years
and seek to understand his determination not to surrender to them. In each instance we find a decidedly aggressive drive as his way of
responding to them. To the degree that they threatened to undermine the validity of his person and the legitimacy of his will so did he
enlist responses that promised to carry him to very opposite extremes of attitudes and behaviors.

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