The Signed Handprints of Albert Einstein

lainly the quality of the handprints does not permit a very accurate assessment of traits and potential which might extend from dermatoglyphic ridge patterns. Neither can we be certain about the quality of the lines although their placement and direction underline a marked capacity for abstract conceptualization. This would be our understanding when so many of the lines tap the chemistries locked in the deeper recesses of the subconscious mind (the percussion half of the palm well below the little finger). The exaggerated length of the little finger on the left hand (which would be the print at the left) suggests a very analytic mentality and a capacity to give concrete form and meaning to these abstract conceptualizations.

As seen here, we cannot point to anything in these prints which establishes genius. Nevertheless, what very markedly differentiates Einstein's hands from what we normally find in any general population is the length of the fingers relative to the size of the palm. The fingers, considered collectively, are short to an extreme.Short fingers speak of marked intuitive faculties and the tendency to visualize reality as an extention of subjectively defined probabilities. In its worst expression we would find the damaging effects of prejudices and most every other manner of cognitive dissonance. In its best expression we would find a vital inventiveness, critical insights and a very creative expansion of meaning of acquired information.

The prints of Albert Einstein's hands were contributed by Andres J. Washington.

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