Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC)

A diagnostic discipline
identifying biometric markers
of psychological neurosis and psychiatric pathology

PDC INTERNATIONAL, with it's center in Yehud, Israel, has the sole authority to issue certification to students at any of the three levels of study.
The programs of study would be much the same at each level, as would be the requirements for appropriate certification.
Certification would be largely on the recommendation of the instructor.

The first, or basic level, is intended to educate the student in the fundamentals of Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC) in psychological diagnosis.
This would permit the pupil to study the hands of others, but in all instances requires the supervision of a certified instructor before sharing information with others.

The second is an advanced level permitting the student to serve as a PDC instructor and conduct courses. Supervision with another certified instructor is advised although not obligatory.
Certification at this level will come after a set number of supervised PDC analyses when both accuracy and empathic sharing would be critically examined.
At this level the PDC practitioner should request payment for the analyses.

Participants advancing to the third level must have an academic degree in the behavioral sciences. A student must earlier have earned an academic degree at M.A. level.
At this level PDC diagnostics would extend to psychiatric issues where licensed psychiatrists assume responsibility for the intervention in all instances of mental pathology.
Material at this level would be provided directly by PDC INTERNATIONAL.

Certified PDC Analysts and Instructors in the Hong Kong Area.
Courses and personal interviews may be conducted in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Irene Tsang
tel: (852) 2499 0896

Linda Tsang
tel: (852) 9121 0952

Ctse Shuhan, Christine

Leung Ka Man, Phoebe
tel: (852) 9223 1966