Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Representative NY 14th District in US Congress from 2019

Explosive emergence within the Democratic Party after winning a seat in the American Congress. Not yet 30, she advocates very radical and far-reaching socialist programs. However questionable they appear to be, she continues to earn a wide following. The media brings her powerfully to the forefront of national attention..

This website, and this page specifically, would not normally introduce an individual who has not left a mark on the world stage. However, the extreme and wholly radical programs which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez espouses has won her a nationwide audience. It is not only the determined socialist bent of these programs, they extend to extreme and unabashed idealizations as concrete national objectives. There is more than a hint of disorder in her mental processes."The world will end in 12 years". It remains to be seen how long their legitimacy can be sustained, and if they are not destined to bring about a divide in the Democratic party.

Free-Floating Idealized Cerebral Configurations

Ocasia-Cortez Hollow Intellectual Configurations:
The reference to hollowness defining her highly idealized promotions of national priorities is intended to underline the absolute dearth of any realistic framework that can materially effect these priorities. What remains unanswered are questions relating primarily to the financing of these programs (apart from taxing the rich and printing money, if necessary), and secondly to the tolerance of their nature (as, for example, replacing all aircraft with trains, and forbidding the raising of cattle to avoid the effects of their flatulence - all as part of her Green New Deal.) The following is a partial list of her more prominent programs.

Medicare for All: Free medical, dental and other services, with the government to cover all expenses.
Fully Funded Public Schools and Universities: with the government covering all expenses.
Universal Job Guarantees: at a $15/hour minimum wage. Left unanswered is what if there are no jobs available for whatever reasons, and what of those preferring not to work.
Ending War on Drugs: recalling (for starters) China's infamous and crushing opium dens.
Abandoning Border Controls: and removing all agencies blocking unregistered immigration.
Green New Deal: radical moves to combat climate change.

The factor of "hollowness" as it relates to Ms Ocasio-Cortez is defined and explained below.

Vacancy of Libido:
In the absence of dermatoglyphic hand prints and additional photos, this analysis must necessarily be limited to the critical information which the photograph presented here permits. This would be, even to the untrained eye, the largely flat and very limited development of the thenar eminence (thumb side mount) and hypothenar eminence (little finger side mount) exposing a global, and literally a crippling vacancy of libidinal resources.

Simply put, libido is what invests the human being with the faculty of being human. Engineers and computer technicians can create the most sophisticated and amazing robots, but without the contribution of libidinal effects, including libidinal needs, they must necessarily remain robots. Libidinal energy resources is of genetic manufacture and responsive to adjustments largely in the wake of early life experiences. It is this that contributes the capacity for bonding and attachments, for love, for emotional responsiveness to stimuli, for abstract conceptualizations and inventiveness, for a core-identity and an evaluation of real world possibilities.

A marked deficiency of libido invests the life with a discomforting measure of coldness, and a largely blunted, intellectually determined program of responses to real-world circumstances. It can act out warmth, sexual responsiveness, and otherwise intensely-felt emotions, but all are invariably consciously manufactured. With so profound an investment in the alternate program of cerebral determinants, Ms Ocasio-Cortez can invest the concepts of "good", "right", and "needs", among other values, with hugely idealized intellectual content, largely impervious to modifications - modifications of a more earth-rooted mode of intelligence. There can be no grey area between absolute good and absolute bad in what some would describe as "magical thinking".

Considering the remarkable success she has recorded in reaching an appreciative audience, we may note the exceptional length and excellent balance of the thumb. This appendage exposes a powerful and sophisticated willfulness that normally has its owner gravitate to total autonomy and independence - often leadership in a chosen field. At the base of the first fingers are suggestions of mounts. This bespeaks of motivation.

In a world where decisions profoundly affect the lives of others, such free-floating, idealized cerebral configurations promise determined opposition, aggressive ridicule, and beg serious questions. This writer wishes her continued good health and a long life, but if her experience will be of ideal expections repeatedly suffering gross disparities with real world developments, anxieties of some severity may overtake her.  

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